21 R-Partnering Projects:

Meet the R-Planet Staking System 2.0

The main difference of the R-Planet Staking System 2.0 compared to the previous one is that only 21 projects from all listed here will be able to mine Aether. That will be the first 21 projects on the list. Who will be forming the list, you might ask. Well, you of course, our dear community! Anyone will be able to vote for the project they like by staking Aether for it. The project with the biggest amount of Aether staked to it will take the first place and with it, the biggest mining pool. The second project on the list will have slightly less Aether in its pool and so on.

  • Whitelisting;
  • Voting.


On December 31 all the NFT collections of third party projects are going to stop mining Aether. Technically the mining powers of their pools will drop down to 0. You can either take your cards back by unstaking them or wait until the project voting and see if they will be or won’t be added to the New R-Planet Staking System 2.0. If the project is in the top 21 voted, your NFTs will simply start mining again. If the project is not voted in as one of the top 21 you can leave your NFTs staked and keep staking Aether to the project’s voting power in hopes it will move up into the top 21 and start mining again (this recalculation will be held on a daily basis). Or you can unstake your NFTs anytime you would like and do with them as you see fit.


First of all, it needs to be said that all the projects which have already been listed on the R-Planet, will go through the whitelist automatically. All the other projects who would like to be listed on the R-Planet Staking System will have to fill the application and meet the requirements.

  • A full-fledged collection (already released);
  • The project is alive and has an active community.


After the initial list is formed, anyone will be able to vote for the project they like the best or for a few one they want to see added.

  • unstaking takes 30 days.

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